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Story of the Group

The Cavaliere del Lavoro Francesco Lonati, born at Botticino on February 28, 1911, started work at 12, and year after year made professionalism into a true passion until in 1946 he founded the company that still bears his name. In 1956 Lonati presented the world’s first dual-feed machine for manufacturing stockings, in 1971 a new model of a double-cylinder circular machine for manufacturing men’s socks. In the 80s Lonati became world leaders, producing 90% of the machines for manufacturing stockings. Today the Lonati Group continues this tradition of growth and progress.
The Group run by the Lonati, the family’s holding company that can count on firm and strong industrial connotations, is an absolute world leader in the textile machinery industry, a position conquered with reliability and efficiency, with the best know-how, thanks to a continuous innovative capacity and high quality standards in products and services. With a widespread sales network, developed in more than 70 countries worldwide, the Lonati Group is a secure point of reference open to all markets, from those in emerging countries to Europe, Asia and America. Concrete management principles, skilled staff, teamwork and family traditions are the basis and the motivation that have fueled a commercial and operational success that has lasted more than 60 years.
Made up of several independent companies with different characteristics and functions, from industry to agriculture, from real estate to education, the Group is characterized by a single working method, which can be summed up in three key words: reliability, efficiency and organization.
The Lonati Group’s presence in the strategically important engineering sector responds to the strategy of ensuring a high technological profile, which characterizes all its production of textile machinery thanks to collaboration with major companies and product diversification. In this sector the Lonati Group is represented by ADB, a leading company that operates in the light structural metalwork market and manufacturing for third parties and which produces MotoParking, marketed by the subsidiary MP Italia, present now for many years in the distribution of products for the automotive industry.
The entry of companies in the engineering sector into the orbit of the Lonati Group has had the positive effect of optimizing performance. The processes are carried out on the most advanced technological principles, using state-of-the-art machinery, such as laser machining centers, bending machines, surface application spreaders and welding systems. technological systems, processes and machinery, capable of guaranteeing the utmost precision, absolute reliability and high quality standards. For all these reasons the Lonati Group is able to meet the diverse needs of a global and integrated market.


Producer of MotoParking

MP Italia Srl was founded on October 12, 2012, after about a year of careful surveys of potential users (motorcyclists and scooter riders) and scrupulous testing of the product, involving multiple firms in both the industrial and architectural design industry as well as communication and marketing.
MotoParking is an Italian product (development, design, production) characterized by design as well as its high degree of reliability and ease of use. To achieve this we adopted the most advanced production technology in the automotive industry through a partner of MP Italia: ADB Srl.
ADB, located at Mazzano (BS), is one of the companies of the Group LONATI SpA. With its high industrial profile, at the forefront of 3D laser cutting systems, laser welding, painting and assembly in light structural metalwork products, it is capable of dealing with the prototyping, development and construction of the product. The significant investment being made by ADB in research, constant technological updating and the passion of the ownership certify to the quality of the production that goes beyond the simple precision of the detailing for an outstanding product such as MotoParking.
With ADB a sector of the company has been tooled up and lines dedicated to meeting the production of MotoParking products capable of responding to all the market’s requirements.

Stefano Manca

Degree in Architecture – Architectural Design track, at the Politecnico di Torino.
Specialization in urban planning and industrial design.
Founding member of the Area Studio Engineering & Architecture company.
In 22 years of technical, professional and management experience, he has developed a significant understanding of the development and management of projects at various levels ranging from the civil sector to industry for both public and private clients.
Over the years he has further extended the appropriate skills in the field of industrial design developing furniture lines, making equipment in the franchising sector and designing furniture and accessories for the electromedical industry in the contract and office fields.
Stefano Manca, creator of MotoParking, since 2012 he has been the co-founder and CEO of MP Italia Srl.

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